17 October 2010

Types of Media used in Teaching and Learning for its conducive Environment

Media are any devices that assist an instrutor to transmit to a learner facts,skills ,attitudes ,knowledge and appreciation or additional materials used when using a particular teaching method to make learning easy ,as it intend to help both the teacher to teach more reflectively and the learner to grasp the concepts more effectively .
There are four types of media which are print,visual ,audio and audio-visual
Printed Media:These include text books,magazines,newspapers,journal,bulletins ,web pages ,blogs etc.
They help learners to get more information through reading widely ,research and providing more enjoyment from various sources of facts.
It is important to identify all the reading materials before issuing them to children.The use of internet should be monitored both at home and school to protect children from being involved in illicit materials which may take them away from their learning focus.
Guide children from what to read so as to achieve the aims and objectives of the subject.
If there is variety of material selection the teacher must identify that suits every learner's capabilities ,ie slow ,medium and fast .

Visual Media: These composed of photographs,graphics,pictures,maps ,models ,spacemen,game puzzle,artfacts,wall charts etc.
These make visual impression to the learner.They attract pupils' attention and aid concentration,as they illustrate meaning more directly and quickly than through verbal explanation.
It was discovered that a single picture is equivalent to 1000 words in meaning to a listener.It cuts down unnecessary talking time hence supplement the voice.
Visual impact in learners enhenced making associated language memorable.The real meaning of words is helped by seeing concrete objects.
The simplification of colour and shapes as it clarify its complexity.The learner then stimulated to think diligently and ask questions and enhenced learning environment 's conducivity.
Avoid too much use of visual as they may take pupils' attention because of colour admiration.
Audio -visual Media (Video and film):
Because of the visual element is attractive and commands attention.
The sounds produced is much easier to understand the facial impressions,gestures ,physical background shown and learning becomes doser to real life situation.
It is very important to preview any programme and assess its worth to class situation,time,and its content value and how to operate it more effectively to benefit all children in learning the content.
Model/Relia/Sample:These attracts attention and concentration because of being concrete in nature and appeal more to children ,since they are at concrete operational stage.
They are also good at first hand experience where pupils use hands on approach.
They mustn't scaring pupils ,but user friendly.Live ones should be return to its habitat after use to consider the ethical aspects.
The Resource Person/best Speaker:An expert in the area of speciality with useful skills ,who can be a craftman ,elderly woman,police officer ,Artist etc.
The pupils 's attention and interest is captured as they want to know much about the man's skills.The teacher did something good by bringing the community to the classroom situation.
When the teacher should plan ahead and inform the resource person in time inorder for him to prepare the lesson and give the limits so that the objectives of the lesson to be achieved.The school administrators should also informed to receive a visitor.
Selection of Instructional Media:It is teacher's responsibility to select appropriate media available and
interrelates the components to the curriculum by considering the following:
should be purposeful that is help to achieve the objective of the lesson.
should be concrete to be understood by learners and entertaining.
media should be challenging and stimulating in thinking and varied or diverse in intersts abilities of the pupils.must be affordable ,less costly and effectively co-relate subjects of the curriculum.


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